Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals, Small Businesses and Groups 2+

Please Note: This group PEO plan is no longer available. We can offer guaranteed issue limited benefit plans with no medical underwritting.

We offer complete group health insurance coverage for groups of any size, including single employee groups. The plans use the United HealthCare ChoicePlus network and rates are fixed regardless of:

- Age
- Gender
- Health

View plan outlines and pricing online, right now. Just click on this Group Health Insurance Rates link to see our plans and premiums. Compare them to your current plan.

If you are self-employed, work as a 1099 employee, or have a business and need group health insurance, we can provide you with a guaranteed-issue group health insurance plan. These plans have no medical underwriting and you can obtain coverage regardless of any pre-existing medical condition.

Complete Flexibility:

• Liberal participation requirements
• No required employer contributions
• Groups as small as one employee are acceptable

Our group rates are generally lower than any other comparable plan due to our special PEO (Professional Employer Organization) pricing. Plus, we doubt you will find anyone else who will insure a group of one employee or self-employed person. Most agents will not even bother with small groups at all.

If you are a employer with a larger group we will provide:

• Multi-state coverage
• COBRA administration
• Complete payroll services
• Workman's Comp at low rates
• Even 401K administration

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